IoT Evaluation Kit for Students and Hobbyists

VD-IOT-EVALKIT provide embedded developers a way to quickly develop and prototype Wi-Fi connected embedded products that interface with peripherals over the GPIO, UART, I2C and SPI at one end and talk to the AWS IoT service at the other


Learn IoT with Embedded Platform.

Modular stack-able design

Make it very easy to use and develop system around it.

Green - No extra wires or cables

We believe saving environment is our own responsibility, we have designed kit in such a way that it do not need any extra wires or cables to kick start the kit, just a host is enough to start your work.

Arduino Uno Compatible Headers

Make is easy to use all third party available interfaces online.

Kit Includes

Software & Hardware.

WiFi MCU Board

Main MCU Board with All IOs exposed for applications.

Debugger Board

Add on developer board with JTAG + UART debug interface.


Gitlab based SDK where you can even participate to grow it further.